Living with Brain Tumor

To a large extent, what happens to you depends on the type of tumor you have, its location, the area of the brain involved, and the forms of therapy needed to treat it. But each patient is different, and these are not the only factors to be considered.

For patients and their families, the brain tumor experience is a journey into an unknown land filled with uncertainty. Through the diagnosis, treatments and follow-up visits, there’s much to learn and cope with physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The more you and your family know and understand each aspect of your tumor and its treatment, the less uncertainty remains about what will happen. The confidence you place in yourself and your medical caretakers makes a tremendous difference. Perhaps most important of all is your outlook toward your condition and treatment and your willingness to believe in the power of healing. Brain tumor patients have a right to remain hopeful in the fight against their illness and its aftermath. Hope is a powerful coping strategy that empowers patients to look beyond the moment and into the future.

Lucia Zamorano

Lucia Zamorano Michigan Brain & Spine Surgery Center.
Dr. Zamorano work involves surgical treatment of brain tumors, movement disorders and pain.

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